Wall Anchor System

Foundation Repair: Wall Anchor Systems
Foundation Repair: Wall Anchor Systems in Rochester, NY & Buffalo, NY
At Basement Technologies of WNY Inc., we offer the Grip-Tite Wall Anchor System®. This wall stabilization system secures deteriorating basement walls no matter the wall type. Once upon a time, the only option to homes in Buffalo and Rochester, NY was to excavate around the wall and build a new basement wall. Today, we offer a less expensive, less destructive and less time-consuming solution.
Our simple and effective patented system can secure any cracked, bowed, buckling foundation walls. It uses anchoring plates and rods for wall stabilization, which counteracts the hydrostatic pressure exerted against the wall and reduces the causes contributing to the movement.

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Wall Anchor Plate Installation

Wall anchors will help strengthen your foundation wall with heavy duty steel plates that attach to a rod close to your home's foundation.

This will also help fix any issues pertaining to the leaning, bulging, bowing and other issues pertaining to your foundation.

Engineered System
Ultimate protection
Horizontal Cracks in Basement Wall
Cracked Wall Needing Grip-Tite Wall Anchors
Bowing Basement Wall
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