Retaining Wall Materials

Choosing the Right Retaining Wall Material

At Basement Technologies we understand the importance of having a properly structured retaining wall. Our crew will help you decide what type of block material is right for your structure using blocks from Stone Strong and Redi-Rock. They are both the leading retaining wall block companies in the industry used for both residential and commercial retaining walls.

Stone Strong Blocks

Stone Strong blocks have tapered block edges that provide versatility and the ability to contour to the type of landscape design that your property has. They are considered to be the biggest blocks in the industry that will meet the size, speed or strength of your retaining wall system. The style of these blocks allows for the installation to be faster and easier. At Basement Technologies we can help assess the wall that you need to be built or rebuilt and choose the right blocks. 

Stone Strong Retaining Wall Patterns

Fractured ledge, Tennessee Foothills, chiseled granite and split limestone are four custom wall block patterns that Stone Strong provides. They all have a resemblance of a chiseled-stone façade with each having their own unique touch.
Fractured Ledge
This block is made from actual fractured ledge stone which offers a more natural look for your retaining wall.
Tennessee Foothills
This block pattern resembles that of the Smoky Mountains.
Chiseled Granite
Chiseled granite resembles the look of actual granite that was hand chiseled by artisans.
Split Limestone
This block resembles the look of natural limestone.
If you want to learn more about Stone Strong products, check out their website here.

Redi-Rock Blocks

Gravity walls and even taller reinforced wall blocks are two block types that Redi-Rock uses for retaining walls. These blocks are ideal for commercial, residential and different types of infrastructure that need a retaining wall.
Redi-Rock Gravity Walls
The gravity wall blocks are a trapezoidal shape that makes it easy to install into tight or limited spaces as well as areas with natural resources that need to be preserved. One of these blocks weighs as much as a Budweiser Clydesdale Horse which weighs about 2,439 lbs! 
Redi-Rock Even Taller Reinforced Walls
Even Taller Reinforced Walls provide for a massive amount of connectivity strength without the need for connectors, fasteners or any other connective pieces. Each block has a grid cast into the center of each block that improves the stability of the structure. Each block weighs approximately 2,172 pounds the size of one Pacific Walrus!

Redi-Rock Retaining Wall Patterns

Ledgestone, cobblestone and limestone are the three unique wall patterns that Redi-Rock provides for their retaining walls. They all have unique cuts, designs and are made of precast concrete perfect for your residential or commercial retaining wall structure.
Theses blocks are made of precast concrete that give your retaining wall a stacked stone look.
The cobblestone block is perfect for those who want a smaller grade retaining wall while maintaining a stacked block look.
The texture of the limestone blocks are similar to that of natural split limestone that mimics real limestone.
Learn more about Redi Rock's retaining wall blocks on their website here.
Why Choose Basement Technologies of WNY Inc.?
At Basement Technologies we are proud to use these two retaining wall providers to build a retaining wall that is strong and durable for both commercial and residential properties. We understand the importance of a strong and properly structured retaining wall so make sure to call us today!

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