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The Baseboard™

Most basement water seepage comes from the floor wall joint. Water pressure will build over the dig area by the foundation wall. Water in this over dig area creates pressure where the foundation footing meets the foundation wall. Water seeks the least point of resistance and therefore will come in the joint over the footing and under the foundation wall and then straight up where the floor meets the wall. This is particularly true if there are no floor cracks or penetrations in the cement floor in the basement.

The Baseboard Aqua Route® System is made out of a ridged polyvinyl chloride colored gray to closely match the concrete on the floor and the foundation wall. A special two-part epoxy is applied to the bottom of The Baseboard Aqua Route® to secure permanently to the concrete floor. This seal is guaranteed for the lifetime of the structure and is transferable upon sale. The preparation process is critical: scarify the concrete and then sanitize the floor …thus making the seal virtually impossible to penetrate. Holes are drilled at the floor wall joint. If it is a poured foundation wall, holes are drilled through the foundation at a 45-degree angle downward to the footing. These holes allow the water that is coming in over the footing to move upward into the back of The Baseboard Aqua Route® system acting as a “gutter” to remove the water into The Baseboard Aqua Route® towards the pump. If there is a block wall, holes are drilled directly into the block. Special connectors adhere each 8 ft. piece of The Baseboard Aqua Route®, inside and outside corners are cut and then 1-1/2’’ PVC is used to drain from the Baseboard Aqua Route® into the pump.

This system comes with a lifetime structure warranty ... and quite simply ... it works. A baseboard design has been in use for over 30 years. Basement Technologies has been using this system for over 20 years and the unique mold and design was made exclusively for Basement Technologies.

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